The Setting

        Via-Stella Inn is one of the most charming and best located inns in Santiago de Compostela. Housed in a newly renovated building in the historical center, less than 5 minutes on foot from the cathedral and perfectly linked to the city´s public transport network. Staying with us, you will feel like part of a piece of history in a special environment. In the heart of Santiago de Compostela our inn shares location with unique features of the city’s heritage, such as the Mazarelos Gate and the architectural ensemble formed by the historical Faculty of Geography and History and the Faculty of Philosophy.

The Mazarelos Gate, also known as Mazarelos Arch (XI century) is an ancient gate of the medieval wall and is the only one preserved today. According to the “Codex Calixtinus”, this gate was where the wine from Ourense entered the city. The square where you will find us is named after the gate, and serves as a connection between the two worlds colliding in Santiago de Compostela, as it links the historical center with the most central and cosmopolitan area of the city.

At Mazarelos Square, just in front of Vía-Stella Inn, you will also find one of the most emblematic historical ensembles of the University of Santiago de Compostela, institution created in the XV century. The campus that today hosts the Faculty of Geography and History and the Faculty of Philosophy, used to belong to the Jesuits, until they were expelled by King Carlos III. The building was transferred to the University in 1767, becoming the location of the university during the Enlightenment Age.

          The building, formed by the building of the Congregation, the church and the library were assets assigned to the University. You may visit the Reading Room inspired by monastic libraries, result of a remodeling in 1774 under the design of Miguel Ferro Caaveiro. The Church is one of the three buildings of the Congregation that are still preserved without having suffered major alterations since the days of the Jesuits, and has famous altarpieces made by Simón Rodríguez, Miguel de Romay and Domingo de Andrade. Because of its location, it became the University chapel, now it is not used for religious purposes and houses exhibitions and concerts.
Pensión Vía-Stella
Plaza de Mazarelos nº 10
Santiago de Compostela, España.
T: 881.94.24.10